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Why SMB?

Social Media Works, But It’s TIME CONSUMING…

If you do any sort of social media online you know that when it’s done well it’s SUPER POWERFUL. There’s never been a better time in business to be able to reach out to people through social media and it’s only going to continue to grow. The only downside is, it can be downright EXHAUSTING and OVERWHELMING doing it day after day.

In order for you to really take advantage of all social media has to offer, it takes…

  • TIME: Posting to social media websites can take up a big portion of your day, and also use up a large portion of your energy.
  • RESEARCH: It takes a considerable amount time to research your market and discover what kinds of information they are looking for.
  • CREATIVITY: Your content must be creative and engaging or it will sit there like a limp noodle and make absolutely no impact on your viewers.

Introducing  Social Media Content That’s Practically Done For You

Now you have the opportunity to have  most of the tedious monthly tasks associated with effective social media done for you. Not only will this save you time, but it will fast track your success online as well. What would it mean to you and your business success if you could have all the creative content you need, each and every month, that you can customize and post for real results?

This is what we offer with Social Media In A Box…


Social Media In A Box is an easy 18-month subscription that gives you access to highly unique social media posts and graphics that are suited specifically to your niche.

Every month you’ll get a comprehensive download that will include…

  • 20 Inspiring Quotes that are converted into stunning graphics! All graphics are created “in-house” and are 100% original!
  • 10 Useful Tips that readers will love!
  • 10 Trivia Statements or other offerings based on your niche!
  • 10 Unique Questions that are topic based to motivate discussions online!
  • 10 Ice-Breaker Questions that are fun and engaging!
  • 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Questions that readers can’t resist

Once you receive all the information above in your monthly downloadable file, all you do is mix in your own promotional content, blog posts (if you run a blog) as well as adding anything extra to it that you think your own readers might find interesting. That’s it!


But Wait, There’s MORE…

Remember, these posts are not custom designed for you specifically.  We have only customized and designed this content for each particular niche (also listed below).

Therefore, in order for this content to stay highly unique and not get “saturated” online, we have limited the sales in each niche topic to ONLY 200 people, world wide. Once 200 subscriptions are sold to a particular niche, that niche will be closed down. It’s as simple as that! This will keep competition to a minimum. At no time will more than 200 copies be sold in any single stream.

Don’t see your niche listed? Don’t panic! We are in the process of creating more niches which will be added over the coming months. Check back often!



We are offering this incredible package with all the status updates and original photos for just

$49 PER MONTH, first month is FREE!

Note: We offer the initial month free so you can see and test the product before you pay full price.
There are no refunds, but you may cancel at any time.


If you’d like to jump on this offer before your competition does, please sign up below for your preferred niche stream:

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Weight Loss

Girl - Weight Loss

The content in this package is perfect for those who run a weight loss clinic, a dieting centre, or for those who sell a weight loss product.

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Health & Wellness

Runner athlete feet running on road. woman fitness silhouette su

Here you’ll find great content for chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers, wellness coaches, etc.

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Personal Development

Man jump through the gap. Element of design.

This package is perfect for people who have businesses like personal coaching or business coaching, or any business that focuses on personal growth.

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trust family hands of child son and father on wheat field nature

This package is designed for those who train in the art of healthy parenting skills, and those who sell products that meet the needs of families (clothing, games, etc).

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Personal Finance


These updates are designed for those who have financial blogs directed at family budgeting, or other businesses like mortgage brokering, investments, fiancial planning, debt services, etc. (NOTE: these are very general posts about money.  No investment advice is given)

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Wow! Social Media in a Box is fantastic. It has helped me go from just a casual facebook user to effectively being able to create, set up and effectively use my Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Linkedin sites within 3 short months. The pre-designed social media posts along with the weekly training make it so easy even for a novice to have a significant social media presence. My Facebook Business Page Activities have increased by 95%. My Twitter followers have gone from 4 to 64. My Linkedin connections increase from 350 to 399 with now weekly endorsements. My Google + business page went from 0 to now 30 people have me in their circles. The weekly trainings from Social Media in a Box have taken all the guest work out of utilizing Social Media to build a business.

Sheila Dancho
Wealthy Network Marketing Women

… so easy even for a novice to have a significant social media presence

I am so pleased with Darlene's Social Media in a Box program. It has made using social media much simpler than I thought it was going to be and has taken the fear of "time consumption" out of the equation for me. Now I simply spend a portion of a day once a month entering the posts I have been provided with and I'm "live". Of course there's more to it if I want to put in more time, but for my purposes SMB has given me a workable solution. Thank you, Darlene and team for this fine program!

Margie Macintyre

It has made using social media much simpler than I thought it was going to be

I have been using Social Media in a Box for approximately 6 months now. SMB is a great tool that not only teaches you how to use Social Media more effectively, but also provides you with a variety of posts that are ready to go. SMB gives you step-by-step instructions each month on how to get your social media platforms set up, how to post effectively and teaches you how to create more engaging content. Whether you are new to Social Media or have been using it for a while, SMB is a great tool that will take your business to the next level! It's time to get Social!

Donna Reid
Ellequin Wellness Centre

SMB is a great tool that will take your business to the next level!

Social Media in a Box has taken us out of overwhelm in the social media aspect of our coaching business. Having this tool keeps our connections and followers inspired and engaged. Our followers have increased significantly. A past client start working with us again because of our online presence. This tool has also given us a fabulous and effective way to network without going to face-to-face networking meetings. We love the content and we love the instructional information. Social Media in a Box has made social media engagement easy and simple just like life and business is meant to be. ~ Carla Lomenda-Segovia, CEO Lomenda Energy

Social Media in a Box has taken us out of overwhelm in the social media aspect of our coaching business